Enrollment Procedure


THE ANIMATION ACADEMY is a vocational training program specializing in the rapid development of fundamental artistic skills for animation and character based projects. We help artists build their skills to professional standards through the development of character based creative content.

The program is structured through our AFFILIATE INSTRUCTOR system. Flexible scheduling with one on one instruction and Master Class training.

Affiliate Instructors offer prerequisite training independently. They have extensive professional experience and long standing associations with the Academy going back to their days as students with us. The Academy recognizes their training and the successful completion of their classes.

For inquiries and referrals to or Affiliate Instructors contact us at 818-848-6590 or click on SCHEDULE / FEES on our menu for info.

Please have samples of your work ready for review. We recommend having your work online. You may also email samples of your work if you don't have an online presentation. Contact the Academy in advance to arrange for a review. Drawings from your imagination are preferable.

Credits from the successful completion of our program may be transferable to other educational institutions. Check with your school administrator first.


The Animation Academy is not obligated to offer makeup classes if the student cancels their session. Students are entirely responsible for their class attendance. Arranging for makeups is offered as a courtesy. Makeup classes must be scheduled during the semester you are currently enrolled in.

Each term consists of 6 weekly hour long sessions.


Requests for a refund will be honored after the first session of the course is completed and before the second session has commenced.

All requests for a refund must be accompanied by a written request. Email submissions are acceptable.

Refunds are Pro-Rated and may include the following deductions.

A $100 non-refundable Registration Fee is included in the class fee for New Students and is deducted in case of a refund.

A $25 Processing Fee will be deducted from all refunds.

After the first session is complete and a refund is requested the remaining amount less any registration and processing fess will be pro-rated
based upon a 4 session format. The pro-rated amount will be the remainder of the sessions left in the class.

All refund requests made before the start of the first class will be made in the entirety of the class fee less a $25 Processing Fee.

Allow 30 days for a refund to be issued.