Book in advance

If you'd like to enroll with us please contact the Academy early and arrange for your creative review. Once you've been cleared for classes we can schedule your sessions in advance.

Currently we're at capacity with our online program and are adding extra time slots for incoming students. We're conducting classes in Character Design 1 and 2, Background Design, Visual Development and Character Animation Basics. Our classes are one on one through Skype with group sessions once a week on Zoom.

Our program is geared towards Character Based Intellectual Property Development through a fundamentals regimen that is production oriented and addresses emerging trends in animation and related fields. Vocational Training geared towards personal creative growth and building a foundation for your future success.

Thank you, good luck and Keep Creating !!

Jacob Lipman's Color Analysis for Cartoons

This video by one of our stellar students helps describe the color theory behind animated content in ways that we normally wouldn't think of. Jacob Lipman produces videos that are zany, educational and enlightening. Check out his latest...

Zoom Sessions - Successful Alpha Test

Happy to report that we've had a very successful alpha test / first session live on Zoom. We're in the process of developing our program to accommodate group sessions using Zoom in addition to our one on one sessions on Skype. Soon we'll be working with students in an exciting new way as we continue to expand upon our online systems. 

Online Class Update

As of this writing we're able to offer both levels of our Character Design class and both levels of Visual Development online. We're adding to our instructor base and are able to meet the expanded demand for online sessions. Currently our classes are one on one through Skype. We plan on expanding into group sessions sometime soon. Our classes are excellent and our instructors are dedicated to the creative growth of our students. For more information follow this link. For enrollment info click here.

May 2020 - Online Class Sessions Only

The Animation Academy has susupended our onsite class sessions in Burbank. We're migrating our program online and will expand upon what we currently do through Skype with our Distance Learning format. You don't have to be in Burbank to gain from our lessons. You're welcome to contact us if you're interesting in educationally creating online. Best way to communicate is by calling 818-848-6590. Currently our classes are conducted one on one through Skype. We plan on offering group sessions soon. For more info click here.

The Academy and the New Era

Greetings friends! Hope this finds you well. Our program will be changing. We'll be migrating away from our onsite sessions and moving much more into online venues and social media. It's long overdue and this situation we're all dealing with is prompting the expanded direction. You don't have to be in Burbank to engage with the Academy and creatively gain from the experience. 

I'm personally looking forward to the new way of doing things! In the meantime please be cautious and stay healthy. This will pass and life will go on. Make the most of your time and Keep Creating!

Charles Zembillas

A Dynamic Industry

The Animation Industry and its related art forms are a very dynamic business that's developing in ways increasingly beneficial to creators. It's a growing field especially in the areas of original content and independent projects. Social media and content streaming are changing the way artists create. The Animation Academy stays on top of these trends and adapts its program to these new areas that will help students prepare for the new way of doing things. At the core of which are the fundamental skills that will help artists succeed in whatever direction they choose to follow.

Age Requirements

We receive many requests and inquiries concerning classes for children. The Animation Academy is a program intended for adults. We're a vocational training studio specializing in the development of fundamental artistic skills and character based projects. We help artists build their skills and adapt their art to the professional standards of animation and related fields through the creation of content.

A student is considered an adult at 18 years of age. On occasion we accept students younger than 18 years old. Students younger than 18 years wanting to attend on site sessions should be of high school age. They should be goal oriented and able to dedicate themselves to their art. They should be available for an interview at our Burbank facility in the company of a parent or guardian and ready to show samples of their work. They should also be able to attend classes and work on their assignments without a conflict with their regular school schedule.

We evaluate all potential students younger than 18 on an individual basis. For inquiries concerning students younger than high school age please contact us.  

Phone Issues - Update

Update - Nov 22 2019 - It appears our phone system is back to normal. If you're not able to get through for any reason please email. Thank you for kindly your patience !!

Nov 18 2019 - If you're trying to contact us by phone and you get an "Invalid Extension" notice or a busy signal it means that we're having problems with our phone service. This is a temporary situation as we're in the process of switching to another provider. Please get in touch by email instead by clicking on our Contact tab above while we resolve this issue. 

Update - Nov 18 2019 - We can call out but we aren't able to receive calls or have incoming calls get to voicemail. Our phone service is being upgraded and the problem should be resolved soon. You can contact the Academy in the meantime through email and we'll respond with a call back if you would like.

Greetings from The Animation Academy

Thank you to our talented community for another successful year !!

We're currently accepting new students for classes starting January 7 2020. If you'd like to join the first group of the New Year in time for this upcoming term please make sure you begin the enrollment process early. Our classes are very limited in size and we'll likely fill available seating in advance of the start date. It's a good idea be pro-active and secure your place in class soon. If you miss this date we'll work to bring you in for our following term.

We're also revising our curriculum to align more with contemporary developments in the industry and related fields. Namely in the areas of content creation and creator oriented original properties. We're excited about this new direction and are looking forward to implementing these changes.

Thank you again for a terrific 2019 and Keep Creating !!