Course Descriptions


The fundamentals of character design with a concerted emphasis on concept development, design appeal, design theory, basic construction, proportions, rotations, style analysis, posing, action attitude and expression models and the development of basic drawing skills.


Continued studies in the art of character design with a focus upon adapting the human figure to animation design. Requires the completion of Character Design I


Exercises in advanced character design theory through animal anatomy, variations in style, and an emphasis on designing for 3D modeling. Requires the completion of Character Design II.

CHARACTER SCULPTURE ( Not currently being offered )

The fundamentals of sculpting a three dimensional character from two dimensional model sheets. This course is integral to developing a sense of form necessary for successful character design. Students will sculpt characters of their own design as well as established characters.


Studies in the fundamentals of background layout with an emphasis on perspective, composition, design, staging, mood, texture and lighting.


A comprehensive study in the basic principles of animation and the application of those principles in bringing a character to life through the mechanics of motion. Areas of focus include squash and stretch, overlapping action, volume consistency, rhythms, lines of action and timing with a strong emphasis on basic drawing. The course continues with studies in acting, personality exposition and visual narratives.


An introduction to visual development and production design with an emphasis on the development of fundamental rendering skills. Specific areas of study include the use of light and shadow upon form, control of gray scale values, tonal design, color theory basics, rendering techniques in a variety of mediums and the development of academic painting skills.


The development of raw concepts into graphic narratives for production. Areas of concentration include concept development, storyboard mechanics, camera moves, hook-ups, composition, script analysis, staging, continuity and animatics.


This course is a part of Visual Development 2. Students should have a device of their choice available when attending class along with a software they would like to learn. Photoshop, Krita, Procreate are among our students' top choices. There are many options available and several which can be utilized for free.

DIGITAL ANIMATION ( Traditional Hand Drawn )

Toonboom is the standard for creating traditional hand drawn animation for film, broadcast TV, streaming and video on the Internet and is emerging for film, video, and television. There are other options as well which are excellent for learning. This class is part of the Character Animation course. Students should have a rudimentary knowledge of the software of their choice prior to starting. Not a stand alone class. Part of our Character Animation.

BUSINESS LAW FOR ARTISTS ( Not currently being offered as a stand alone class. This subject is covered as a part of our courses ).

An introduction to principles of law and negotiations for animation artists. Topics will include copyrights, contracts and general business law.