John Burroughs HS Burbank - Christmas Show 2017

Greetings from The Animation Academy in Burbank California!
Our hometown is renowned as a creative community and a supporter of the arts. You can really see the great level of talent that young people in Burbank have at John Burroughs High School which is the local school in the Academy's neighborhood.
Burroughs' first graduating class was in 1948 and since that time it's become one of the most remarkable high schools in America with many graduates who went on to great careers in entertainment including Debbie Reynolds and Ron Howard among others. Their annual Christmas Show is a long standing tradition. Here's some video footage of this year's show on December 9 2017. You'll be impressed with the amazing student performances.  Please forgive the image quality as I was on the balcony but you'll still get a good idea as to how marvelous the show was.
Songs featured here are only a small part of the overall show. They include the opening song of "The Christmas Waltz" followed by a rousing rendition of "White Christmas" as the closing. Then there's "Silent Night" as the encore. The carol that's sung as the last song since 1972.