Affiliate Instructor Program

The Animation Academy has initiated a new system. Our instructors are now conducting their own classes independently. We're calling this our Affiliate Instructor Program. Students can enroll directly with the instructor of their choice in the subject they are looking for.

CHANCE RASPBERRY - Character Design 101 - Character Design For Kids - Art Income 101 - AI Art 101 - Contact Chance Raspberry

JOEL VALDEZ - Advanced Character Design - Background Design - Visual Development - Contact Joel Valdez

RENEE VANCE - Digital Illustration Basics - Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator - Contact Renee Vance

GREG MANWARING - Masterclass Character Animation - Contact Greg Manwaring

ANDRES ALVAREZ - Storyboarding - Contact Andres Alvarez

The Academy recognizes the creative education you will receive from these instructors as we no longer enroll students directly into our program. We will instead focus on generating creative and educational content full time. I thank the thousands of students we've had over our many wonderful years for making The Animation Academy legendary through your success and enthusiastically look forward to what comes next. 


Charles Zembillas / Director / Founder - The Animation Academy