Academy's Jose Lopez - Mariachi Mural - Disney XD

In the summer of 1996 about 1 1/2 years before The Animation Academy I had a student by the name of Jose Lopez. He was fresh out of high school and employed part time at an art supply store. I could see he had talent and I worked with him to develop his fundamental skills. In January 1998 when the Academy began Jose was a student in our very first class. He stayed with us for several years and eventually became an instructor. His experience at the Academy lead to his break in the industry. Today he is one of the most accomplished character designers in animation. He is currently at Disney working on the "Big Hero 6" TV series. He's also completed a huge mural in East Los Angeles that celebrates his family's mariachi heritage. Watch the Disney XD video below to see what Jose has to say about his great accomplishments. You can follow Jose Lopez on Instagram and see more of his art on his blog.