Create your good times!

Some lighthearted moments with more of our talented students in this latest video for April Fools Day 2016. 

What our students have to say

Greetings from The Animation Academy in Burbank California! This is our latest video featuring some of our students sharing their thoughts and experiences... 

We're 18 Years Old Today !!

Since January 19 1998 The Animation Academy in Burbank has been helping artists achieve their creative dreams. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to explore what we can do to assist in advancing your art for animation and related fields.


Happy 2016 !!!

We're beginning the year at full capacity for new students. Next enrollment window will be for classes starting February 2 2016. Get in touch if you're looking to join us. Meanwhile here's a look at the end of 2015 from our campus in Burbank...

Christmas Day in Burbank 2015

Here's what Burbank California looked like on Christmas Day from the rooftop of our campus in Magnolia Park in the heart of the city. The music is what was playing on KUSC radio at the time which is one of the stations we listen to when class is in progress. A special moment to share with all.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy and Creative New Year in 2016!

Student Gallery - Art of the Week

The best way to gauge the effectiveness of any art education program is to see what a school's students produce. The Animation Academy's blog has been serving as our Student Gallery since April 2006. Currently we use it to showcase student work through our Art of the Week feature. We regularly update recent assignments and encourage visitors to enjoy the varied and diverse creations our students come up with on an ongoing basis. You're welcome to follow this link to see what's happening:

The CSATTF Skills Training Grant Program

The Animation Academy is certified by the CSATTF Skills Training Grant Program sponsored by IATSE which is the union for the entertainment industry. If you're a member of The Animation Guild Local 839 ( the union for the animation industry ), or locals 706, 800 or 892, you are eligible for reimbursement of 2/3rds of your tuition upon completion of your class with us. Contact your union local for details.

The Animation Guild - Local 839 -
Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild - Local 706 -
Art Directors Guild - Local 800 -
Costume Designers Guild - Local 892 -

We're 17 Years Old Today

Sharing the happiness on the occasion of the 17th anniversary of the first session of The Animation Academy in Burbank California on January 19 1998.

Welcome to 2015

The Animation Academy in Burbank California is a unique educational program based upon a professional workshop structure. We specialize in developing artistic talent as it applies to animation in areas such as Character Design, Visual Development / Production Design, Intellectual Property Development and other areas integral to the modern animation community. We emphasize the importance of strong fundamental skills and in building a solid artistic foundation essential to a successful creative career in animation and related fields.

Whether you're preparing your portfolio, or you're a working professional looking to sharpen your skills, or you have a project that you'd like to develop independently, or you just love to create and learn new things, we'll be happy to discuss your situation. We accept new student enrollment on a monthly basis. Feel free to contact the Academy and see if our program is right for you.