Copyright and Trademark Basics

This will help you understand the fundamentals of Copyright and Trademark protection.


10 Points to help you in animation

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind that will help you to thrive in the animation business.

Share the Lesson 2

The second in our new series of videos intended to share the educational experience with our viewers. In this video we feature the work of Tan who is an online student.

Share the Lesson 1

Something new from The Animation Academy in Burbank. The first in our YouTube series called "Share the Lesson"...


A Passion to Create

Creative people have a burning desire to create that can sometimes overshadow everything else in life.

Do Degrees Matter in Animation?

Are college / university degrees a necessary thing in order to break into Animation? 

Characters Create Empires

Character Animation begins with characters. Characters create the franchise. Learn all about it and more at The Animation Academy in Burbank.

Follow Your Dreams

A strange but true story. Finding a lost treasure thanks to a dream.

Live Online Sessions

Learn with us as we expand our design classes into live sessions online.  

The Animation Academy - Online

If you're not in the Burbank area and would like to engage with us educationally and creatively we can work with you online through Skype.