Go Cubs Go

What Is Your Sistine Chapel?

A movie? A video game? A book? Your music? Your business? Your family? What is the great masterpiece that is within you?

Share the Lesson 7 - Head Design Basics

Having fun designing some initial head concepts for a character using basic construction methods.

What's In Your Pencil?

Think about it...

Share The Lesson 6 - Head Construction Basics

Building your characters from shapes is at the core of the art. In this video we take a look at the elemental process of establishing a foundation for head designs for your characters. 

Share The Lesson 5 - Drawing Circles Pt 2

In this installment of Share The Lesson we take another look at circles and how they are used to establish a foundation for creating classic character designs. Along with a look at Hannah's recent work.

Sharing the Lesson 3 - Drawing Circles

Drawing a solid circle is an essential skill that artists should master. It's at the core of much of what we do in animation. An elemental aspect of the classic character design process. This video will demonstrate how to get started. 

Copyright and Trademark Basics

This will help you understand the fundamentals of Copyright and Trademark protection.


10 Points to help you in animation

Here are 10 tips to keep in mind that will help you to thrive in the animation business.