The Animation Academy is 25 Years Old

On this day in the evening of January 19 in 1998 we had our first session in the back room of the Coral Cafe in Burbank California with 20 students. It was the flagship class of The Animation Academy. I started the school with a small mailing list and $15 for stamps and envelopes to send flyers and enrollment forms. All available seating sold out.

Today after a quarter of a century I'm happy to say that the Academy is still going strong.

Thank you to everyone who has ever been a part of this great experience. My affectionate gratitude for these past 25 years and what they have meant.


Sean Natarajan's Online Portfolio

One of our most productive and innovative students of late has been Sean Natarajan. He's recently organized his impressive art onto his own website. Sean is currently a student at the University of Southern California (USC). Take a look at his first professional online presentation by following this link

Anna Lee Duck - Simple Portfolio and Success

We're celebrating the success of a recent Academy student. Anna Lee Duck is now working as a Storyboard Revisionist at Renegade Studios. Anna is a very talented artist and applied herself when she was with us as a student. Now she's working as a professional in the animation industry at a high quality studio. She did it with a simple presentation of her talent. Follow this link to Anna's website and see her online portfolio.

Robert Misirian accepted to Cal State Northridge

It's always a personal thrill to share a student's success with our community.

Robert Misirian who's spent extended time at the Academy received excellent news yesterday. He's been accepted to California State University in Northridge!

Robert worked very hard to achieve this exceptional accomplishment. He's faced many daunting challenges in his life and cleared the biggest hurdle yet. Now he's on his way to an outstanding school and his Bachelors Degree.

A big congrats to you Robert! We're all very proud!

Our 24th Anniversary

The Animation Academy is 24 years old today! This is the project that started the school. New chapters published each Wednesday.


Another Success Story

The Animation Academy has a great legacy and that legacy is embodied in our students. In our nearly 24 year history I've personally seen amazing things happen with many who've studied and created with us.

Here's another example. Alexandra is a recent student who was attending class in our last year in Burbank before we went fully online. I received an email from her this week, She's been accepted to one of the finest degree granting art schools in the world.


Hi Charles! I know we haven't spoken in a while, but I felt that I should reach out. Yesterday I received my acceptance to my top choice college, Ringling College of Art and Design. This Fall, I will be an illustration major there. If it wasn't for you and The Animation Academy, I would not have had the skills needed to apply or attend a school like Ringling. When I first came to you in 2020, I really didn't have any good experience and had never taken a serious drawing class. You helped me become the artist that I am today and the artist I will become in the future. Thank you for everything I learned from the Animation Academy! Best wishes!




Congrats Alexandra! You're on to great things! Keep Creating!

A New Way for the New Year 2022

For an animated look at this character click on the Graphics below...

Wishing you a fantastic creative year ahead!

The Academy is expanding its content on Patreon. This format will be extensively developed in the coming days in a unique and significant way. It will become the central educational venue of The Animation Academy.

We have a huge archive of exceptional materials to publish. Years worth of class notes and demonstrations in all sorts of subjects exclusive to our Patreon which you'll be able to see and follow. 

The Academy's Patreon has updated subscriber levels to reflect our new direction. Very affordable artistic education by means of graphics and videos organized in categories for easy access. This will be our primary tool for sharing knowledge as we migrate away from our previous model to an alternate one.

We have a $5 monthly level for graphics based lessons, a $10 level which will include access to videos, and a $20 level which will feature a monthly live stream option.  

Content is uploaded just about every day. To get started follow this link to The Animation Academy on Patreon.See the difference this great reference material and specialized lessons will make with your art!

Thank you and Keep Creating !!

Contact By Phone

Hello! If you'd like to contact the Academy by phone kindly leave a voicemail. Robocalls and telemarketers have been a difficult and disruptive issue for a long time. Increasingly we rely on voicemail to verbally communicate. If you'd like to speak by phone please leave a message and your call will be returned. You can find the Academy's number by clicking here. Thank you!

Deciding Upon Your Creative Direction

Many times when students start classes they're curious of the direction they'd like to go in regarding their creative specialty in animation. The field consists of several professional disciplines and career paths. It's a good idea to research the production process and get a feel for the direction you'd like to go in with your art. Character Design, Background Design, Visual Development, Prop and Vehicle Design, Storyboards, all make up the area called Pre-Production. This would also include Modeling and Rigging for CG Animation. Character / Scene Layout and then Animation would constitute Production. The Animation Academy specializes in all areas of Pre-Production except for CG Modeling and Rigging. We also train in the basics of Character Animation and in the Authoring of Character Based Intellectual Properties for publication on Social Media.