This is what our students have to say about Animation Academy!

Rob Priester:
"My experience at The Animation Academy was kick-ass and I am carrying it with me into all other areas of my life."

Neal Sopata:
"The Animation Academy provides an environment of growth and creativity. My drawing skills have exploded to a whole new level."

Brandon Messenger:
"Coming to The Animation Academy is the best thing to happen to me since I learned to tie my shoes."

Larissa Marantz: Became a Character Designer on "The Rugrats"
"The Animation Academy was the best thing that could have happened to me as an artist."

Jose Lopez: Became a leading animation Character Designer
"The Animation Academy has skyrocketed my skills and knowledge in a very short period of time. The confidence and experience that the instructors have here I have never seen anywhere else. This is the place to be."

Ronald Rubio: Became production artist on "The Simpsons"
"The Animation Academy is a good learning environment. The classes are small enough to get to know the teachers and also your fellow students. You realize what's important in improving your skills and the proof is in your drawings."

Arnold Doong:
"Quality and fundamentals are constantly reinforced into us, resulting in a great portfolio."

Arash Tirgari: Became a feature film artist
"I would say without hesitation that I've learned more at The Animation Academy in the past six months than I had in my entire life. The development of skills and imagination is what The Animation Academy is designed for."

Walter Gatus: Became a professional Character Designer
"I've been to a lot of art and animation schools around Southern California, but I've never been to a school that gives as much knowledge to it's students as The Animation Academy."

Taso Gionis: Became a Character Designer on "The Rugrats"
"I've studied at The Animation Academy since early March, 1998 and I've grown a great deal in my basic drawing and design skills. If you are serious about the animation industry, this school has my highest recommendation"

Vincent Bury:
"The first major improvement that The Animation Academy helped me attain is a realistic understanding of drawing for production. The second, very simply, is to do what I'm good at - what I have a knack for - and explore it, study it, do countless amounts of drawings, observe and learn from them, then do more drawing."

Joe Olivares:
"The Animation Academy is the industry's best kept secret. Combine a knowledgable veteran staff that cares with a serious student body and you have a phenomenal resource for animation and art education"

Alex Leon:
"I've never learned so much about character design than my first two weeks at The Animation Academy. The quality and integrity of the school is extremely span."

Chris Collins:
"I've been studying at The Animation Academy since its founding and I've learned more in a short time here than at any other art school I've ever studied at. If you're serious about becoming a better artist, than this is the school for you."

Elizabeth Kyababchyan - Age 12:
"I learned a lot about animation when I came to this school and I really enjoyed coming to classes."

Ken Roskos:
"The Animation Academy offers a span foundation in draftsmanship and basic processes I previously seemed to miss. The instructors encouraged me to overcome the problems I was having by energizing my work and avoiding cliche designs. Lots of fun, too."

Mara Price:
"What I like about the Animation Academy is that the program is very well taught and it makes sense. You are taught in an organized way, with prerequisites first and then moving on to higher levels. The school has helped me to develop and focus my career plan."

Rudi Wallis:
"I thought I could draw until I found this school. I wish I'd come here sooner."

Stephanie Mallon:
"This school encourages its students to excel."

Dave Gerry:
"The Animation Academy is an ideal platform for artists of many disciplines to gain valuable insight and direction for their work. My improvement since coming here nine months ago has been greater than all of my previous experience combined."

Robert Gold:
"The Animation Academy is a school that treats you as an individual, assisting you in developing your particular strengths. Within less than a year studying here, I have accumulated enough work to create a portfolio to be proud of. It is an excellent place to hone your skills and network with the top people in the industry."

Chris Gossett: Created the acclaimed "Red Star" comic book
"Of all the schools I've come across in my eleven year professional career, I have never encountered a place that offers the quality instruction that The Animation Academy does. If I could begin my career over again, I would be spending as much time as possible with the world-class pros that make this school stand above the rest."

Snakebite: Industry leading Photoshop artist
"The Bruthas and Sistas of The Animation Academy create an environment that is as nurturing as a three course meal made by mom. Warm and with the right textures, the Academy fulfills the creative hunger left by the boring and bland flavor fabricated in the taste buds of my mind by corporate America."

Aaron Horvath: Became leading character designer / animator
"The Animation Academy is not only an excellent place to study, it is a collective of like-minded artists who constantly push one another to create. It's a truly supportive environment, and I owe my current level of ability to the school."