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The Red Star The Animation Academy is proud to feature "The Red Star", a comic created by former student Christian Gossett with Snakebite, former student and current Photoshop instructor.

The Osula Education Center International students interested in studying at The Animation Academy can do so by contacting the Osula Education Center in nearby Studio City. Osula can assist you with your visa application and can also provide room and board.

Digicel, Inc. Makers of FlipBook, professional 2D animation software.

AWN.COM Animation World Network.

Naughty Dog, Inc. Charles Zembillas, the founder and President of The Animation Academy, has been involved in the creation, design and development of the "Crash Bandicoot" video game series for the Sony PlayStation.

Insomniac Games Insomniac Games released the fantastic Sony Playstation game "Spyro the Dragon" of which Charles Zembillas of The Animation Academy helped to create and design.

ASIFA Hollywood ASIFA's Hollywood branch.

Coral Cafe The Animation Academy had its humble beginnings in the back room of the world famous Coral Cafe in Burbank, California.